Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Finally caught on tape...

As you may have seen from the previous post, Mary Grace started taking steps while holding on to something, but crawling is still her preferred and most efficient form of mobilization. A few days ago, she stood up and took a step toward me before falling to the floor. After we all cheered, she got up and did it again. For several days after that, she had no other such attempts, but then started pulling herself up to stand, letting go and taking a step or two over the last few days. All of these were spontaneous and unpredictable and never on command, so we haven't managed to capture any of these unassisted steps on video...until today!

The next video cracks me up because it also shows MG nodding her head "yes" when I ask her a question, blowing raspberries, and then taking a few more steps after climbing off the horse.