Monday, March 30, 2009

A glimpse of life in March through photos...

Tomorrow is the last day of March but it feels like March just started!

Mary Grace turned 6 months old, started eating cereal and weighed in at 18 lbs. 11 oz. at her 6 mos. check-up.  Hannah weighed 5 1/2 ounces LESS than that at her 12 mos. check-up!  I thought for sure, Mary Grace must be my biggest baby.  But after  sorting through the baby files I found that Sarah weighed over 19 lbs. and Christopher weighed over 20 lbs. at their respective 6 mos. check-ups.

We had a glorious week of Spring Break where we didn't have to be anywhere during the week, so we didn't go anywhere.  It was amazingly relaxing.  Here is Nana with her girls.

Hannah turned 2 on the 27th.  Wouldn't you know she'd have to go and get a black eye just in time for her birthday pictures?  She fell from the bench in our kitchen and hit her upper cheek on something on the way down.  The bruise drained into her eye socket over night giving her this nice little shiner on her fair skin.
Hannah is speaking so much more clearly these days and acting like such a 'big girl'.  She mimics her older sister and wants to do everything herself.  Even though she has officially entered the 'terrible twos', she has retained her very sweet nature, giving hugs and kisses and saying things like, "I wuv you so much" and "Oh, fank you!"

The sisters together at the Chinese restaurant (our favorite spot for birthday celebrations, it seems).  That balloon in the background was the object of much quarreling between the girls and much angst for their mother.  

A sign of the terrible twos: Hannah declared ownership over the balloon, her presents, her food, her water, and anything within reach with these dreaded words, "This is MINE!"  I really don't remember her saying this phrase so repeatedly up until this day.  That box on the table contained a toy sail boat with Jesus and the 12 disciples as figurines.  She even yelled, "This is MY Jee-us...No! That's MY Jee-us!"

She even staked her claim on the whole cake by opening her jaws and putting her tongue on the side of the cake.  "This is most definitely MINE!"

She clearly finished her piece more quickly than I had a chance to finish mine, so she reached over to my plate and said, "This is mine."  I may be a little more than 30 years past the terrible twos, but I asssured her that that piece was MINE.

Afterwards I took the kids to a public playground in Frisco and had a blast.  It was such a pretty evening and we had the whole place to ourselves.  Sarah climbed the highest on everything and, as the oldest girls are want to do, told her brother and sister where to go and what to do next.

Hannah peeks over the wall.

Ever-cautious Christopher.  He never climbs too high or does anything 'too risky'.  This kid is happier reading about or drawing pictures of the solar system (his latest obsession) than he is on a bike.

Happy Mary Grace with her toothless grin and big dimples.

MG is eating cereal like a pro and can't seem to get enough of it.  As you can see, she is starting to sit upright really well.

Saturday afternoon - We came home from a birthday party, got baths and then plopped in front of some cartoons for rest and Hannah just zonked out in the chair next to Sarah.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mary Grace's first cereal and some retro cartoons for the kids...

I've neglected blogging, reading blogs and anything else that requires uninterrupted time these days since 3 very active kids and a baby keep my life FILLED with interruptions!  In the past I would blog or visit the internet when the kids were napping or in bed for the night, but with homeschooling filling up my mornings, I've found my afternoons and evenings filled with endless laundry, dishes, preparing dinner, dishes, more laundry, etc.  Anyway, this week is Spring Break and I'm using the occasion to do some serious spring cleaning, rearranging and relaxing fun while the laundry or dishwasher is going.  One of the "projects" on my to do list for this week was to start Mary Grace on rice cereal.  She is 6 months old, wearing 9-12mos. size clothes, chunky as ever and yet, starting to wake up early from all of her naps.  This is always a sure sign that the baby needs something more substantial than the heavy cream I've been serving her!  So the first video is MG's first taste of cereal.  Nana was here today and served as the camera woman for the event.  What's fun is that all 4 kids are featured in the video and I'm pretty certain all 4 kids had their first rice cereal in that same bouncy chair that Mary Grace was sitting in today.

The second video is of Christopher and Sarah watching an old Tom & Jerry cartoon.  I grabbed the video recorder because Christopher was in stitches laughing out loud throughout the entire episode and it just cracked me up!  What is it with boys and physical humor?  Watching this old classic made me realize how utterly tame today's cartoons (or computer animations) are by comparison.  Tom & Jerry, as well as all the old Merry Melodies, are filled with characters hitting, bonking, tripping, slapping, shooting, falling, and blowing each other up with ACME brand dynamite; a perfect recipe for entertaining a 5 year old boy.