Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mary Grace's first cereal and some retro cartoons for the kids...

I've neglected blogging, reading blogs and anything else that requires uninterrupted time these days since 3 very active kids and a baby keep my life FILLED with interruptions!  In the past I would blog or visit the internet when the kids were napping or in bed for the night, but with homeschooling filling up my mornings, I've found my afternoons and evenings filled with endless laundry, dishes, preparing dinner, dishes, more laundry, etc.  Anyway, this week is Spring Break and I'm using the occasion to do some serious spring cleaning, rearranging and relaxing fun while the laundry or dishwasher is going.  One of the "projects" on my to do list for this week was to start Mary Grace on rice cereal.  She is 6 months old, wearing 9-12mos. size clothes, chunky as ever and yet, starting to wake up early from all of her naps.  This is always a sure sign that the baby needs something more substantial than the heavy cream I've been serving her!  So the first video is MG's first taste of cereal.  Nana was here today and served as the camera woman for the event.  What's fun is that all 4 kids are featured in the video and I'm pretty certain all 4 kids had their first rice cereal in that same bouncy chair that Mary Grace was sitting in today.

The second video is of Christopher and Sarah watching an old Tom & Jerry cartoon.  I grabbed the video recorder because Christopher was in stitches laughing out loud throughout the entire episode and it just cracked me up!  What is it with boys and physical humor?  Watching this old classic made me realize how utterly tame today's cartoons (or computer animations) are by comparison.  Tom & Jerry, as well as all the old Merry Melodies, are filled with characters hitting, bonking, tripping, slapping, shooting, falling, and blowing each other up with ACME brand dynamite; a perfect recipe for entertaining a 5 year old boy.

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Melanie said...

None of the cartoons today can compete with Tom & Jerry and the Looney Tunes.