Saturday, November 17, 2007

Sarah's birthday

Sarah turns 3 this Tuesday, November 20th, so we celebrated today with a few of her girlfriends. She had been looking forward to her party all week long and had a great time. I've learned that with 3 year olds, all you need are balloons, pizza, cupcakes and juice boxes...and a place in which they can run wild and trash with toys. Instant party.

The only group photo where all of the kids who attended actually sat in the same place for the picture.

As soon as the pizza was served, the house got suddenly quiet.

There really are 3 candles on that cupcake. One of them just got eclipsed by the other. Although, whenever I ask Sarah, "How old are you?" and tell her to say, "I'm 3" she says, "No, my number 2."
Sarah actually sang "Happy Birthday to Sarah..." along with everyone else. It was pretty cute.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures. I just can't over how the majority of the kids were wearing shorts & T-shirts in the middle of November! What was the temperature that day?


John & Mindy McCracken said...

Upper 70's (78?). Unfortunately, not all that uncommon in Texas. I'd love for it to be MUCH colder!