Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Noah Yohannan has arrived!

Our dear friends and partners in the ministry, Jake & Jaya Yohannan, have a new little baby boy named Noah! We love them, but they just cannot have a boring delivery and birth!!! :-) Here is part of a note from Jake along with some pics...

Well....his name is Noah. FOUR seemed to be the "number of the day" (too much Sesame Street at our house). Our fourth was born on Thursday July 24th at 8:42am and weighed 4lbs 14oz. He came four weeks early at 36 weeks in Jaya's pregnancy. Jaya had been having pre-term labor since July 4th and we were praying she could make it for a few more weeks.

He came fast and furiously. We arrived at the hospital around 7:30am on Th. and he didn't even let his mom get an epidural. It was all natural with lots of screams from mommy and baby: ) He was kept in the NICU for several days because he was small and needed a little extra attention, but they finally sent him home by Sunday evening. We are trying to settle in at home, since he came almost a month early. God is SO GOOD for protecting him and Jaya. We are glad to have him as part of our family (especially Jesse our almost 5yr old, who REALLY wanted a little brother since according to him, "i don't want another baby sister"). Too bad for Josephine; she'll have to put up with the boys!

Noah means "rest" and "peace" and we pray he will be a man of peace, especially in the next few months. Our prayer is that he will love the Lord God and share His peace with anyone who needs it. His middle name is "Yaakov", Hebrew (a language i love) for Jacob which is a family name for a few generations now. Yohannan is a straight translation of "John" from the Malayalam New Testament Bible (language of Kerala, India).

Please pass this on to any of our mutual friends and family, and please forgive me for not getting to call you personally as we just got back home and have been very tired trying to set up. Hopefully we'll be able to talk or see you soon.

With thankful hearts,

jake for jaya and the gang: )

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