Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sarah's 4th birthday

Our Sarah turned 4 years old today (at 3:36 a.m., to be exact...).  I told her this morning that when people ask how old she is now, she can't say "3" anymore because she's older.  She paused for a second and then said, "But my feet aren't bigger."  I guess she thought she'd undergo a dramatic growth spurt overnight or something.

It is becoming a tradition in our family to celebrate birthdays at our favorite local Chinese restaurant.  After we ate our fill of our favorite dishes (it's funny, the wait staff there can tell us what we're going to order before we do!), we got out the cake and candles for Sarah.  Hannah, as you can see, was very eager to get her hands on that cake.

The days leading up to her birthday, Sarah would tell us that we would sing her Happy Birthday but that she would not.  What's funny is that when people told her "Happy Birthday" today, she would turn around and say to them, "Happy Birthday!"  And when we sang Happy Birthday to her, she sang it to herself several times for fun.
Hannah was victorious in sneaking some chocolate from the cake before the candles were blown out.

Sarah has always been 'famous' in our family for her great cheeks.  We think Mary Grace just might have her beat, however. 

Christopher and Daddy enjoying the cake.  (It's rare to get a picture of Christopher smiling like a normal person these days).

Hannah got more than just a taste of that chocolate cake.

The gift below was one of Nana's finds.  As soon as she opened it and Nana started explaining to Sarah how it worked, Sarah was removing her shoes and socks and climbing into this get-up! She began walking around the restaurant giggling with delight!

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