Thursday, April 26, 2007

dumbing down of American culture continued tonight

The dumbing down of American culture continued tonight, this time in Orangeburg, South Carolina. Tonight the Democratic candidates "debated" one another at South Carolina State. Now when I refer to the dumbing down of American culture, I am not referring to any or all of the Democratic candidates but rather the format of the debate itself. Each candidate's answer was limited to 60 seconds. 60 seconds! You're kidding me, right? We are bogged down in a controversial war, the terrorist threat looms, our culture is deeply divided over crucial social issues, our health care system is a mess, DNA technology is stirring a renewed debate over the death penalty, there are real issues of justice at play in America, our education system continues to suffer and the list can go on. And the candidates are given 60 seconds to answer questions? Give me a break. We deserve better and we should ask for it.


John McCracken said...

My wife just informed me that the 60 second rule is just fine for Dennis Kucinich. In fact, she favors a 30 second limit in his case. Ha!

The Holloway Clan said...

Can you really expect people to pay attention to politicians' rhetoric for more than 60 seconds?

My favorite moment? Joe Biden's one word answer about his verbal gaffs. Priceless.