Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Hannah rolls over!

I realize that John already posted a blog entry for today, but I just had to document Hannah's newfound skill! For the first time in her little life, she rolled over from her tummy to her back - to the great delight of her brother, sister and mommy, who all cheered her on to do it again and again for the still camera and the video camera.
Hannah turned 4 months on 7/27 and had her 4mos. well check-up yesterday. She weighed in at 13 lbs. 11 oz. and measured 24.5 inches, which puts her between the 50th and 60th percentiles for her age. She is definitely on a much smaller growth curve than her older sister and brother at this age. At 4 months, Sarah weighed 16 lbs. 11 oz. while Christopher weighed 17 lbs. 16.5 oz.! Both were always hovering around the 90th percentiles. As much as we loved our big chunkers, we are delighted to have a more normal-sized baby as our third! She is just as sweet as she can be. Now look at her go!


John McCracken said...

What a strange world we live in: I come back from my lunch appointment today, open my web browser (the home page is this blog), and learn FROM A BLOG! that my daughter rolled over today for the first time. Like I said, what a strange world! Can't wait to see her to it tonight!

The Holloway Clan said...

I'm laughing at John's comment. It IS a wacky world. Congratulations, Hannah! Well done.

Pastor Jake said...

Great to see Hannah growing and moving! i don't know but from these pics, she has a look of her grandpa Randy about her :)

Enjoy her during these precious early days. with love, the Yohannans