Tuesday, July 10, 2007

In St. Louis after a long delay at the airport

Mindy and I (along with baby Hannah) arrived in St. Louis last night around 8:30 pm, after a 3-4 hour flight delay at DFW. There was a backlog of flight due to weather and the AC on our plane went out, leaving temps in the plane at 97 degrees. Fortunately, they deplaned us and fixed the AC. It was much better waiting in the terminal than on the tarmac.

We had dinner with our friends Michael and Denise late last night at the hotel. This morning we met up with a bunch of other pastors/wives for breakfast. Our cohort has its first official meeting at noon today. It looks like we'll be meeting from 8am to 10pm until Thursday. Mindy and I are really excited to be back with our group. We've gotten to know them pretty well over the last two summits and we've formed some great friendships. We're expecting the Lord to do some good things in our lives this week.

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