Monday, January 21, 2008

Hannah is crawling

About a week or so ago, we posted a video of Hannah scooting around the floor on her tummy. She had gone from generally disliking tummy-time, to pulling herself forward onto her tummy and then scooting backwards into a sitting position. She became very proficient at this and I knew it would be no time at all until she was crawling. Well, today she started to make some successful strides forward and is now officially crawling! She is just a few days shy of 10 months and already making great progress in her mobility. When I told Christopher that Hannah was crawling for the first time in her life, he said, "She sure does crawl slow." I reminded him that she was just now learning how and that he didn't crawl forward until he was nearly 12 months old. Sarah still holds the record, however, since she could crawl the whole length of our hallway shortly after turning 9 months. Now everyone in our house is on the move...

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