Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Yellow Lollipop

This blog has turned out to be more of a family journal, chronicling the various milestones and moments in the lives of our children, punctuated by a few thoughts on other topics. I've found that there's nothing better than a video to capture the funny mispronunciations of our children. I still remember the days when Christopher said, "Dub-uh-dah" for the letter "w", "Chee-woes" for cheerios, and "me hold-jah" for "please hold me". I'm afraid that I'll forget or get all of my kids mispronunciations mixed up with each other, so I'd better record them somewhere. So while this post is here for your enjoyment, it's mostly for me and our family's posterity!

This is a video of Sarah's mispronunciations of the first person singular as well as the "L" sound. She says "my" for "I" in every circumstance, which I believe she does purely out of habit now because she can say "eye" (i.e. "my don't want to", "my got it", "my did" or "my don't want a 'panking"). "Ls" sound like Ws - (i.e. "my wuv you" or "Cindawawa" for Cinderella). I thought I'd have a little fun with this by getting her to say words with lots of Ls in them. I was somewhat successful in the beginning, but as you will see, the kids tend to get a bit silly when they know they're being videotaped.

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Anonymous said...

my kids love watching this - amy repeats 'yellow lollipop' or at least her approximation of it every time you ask Sarah to say it. Alexander says 'blue lollipop' just to be different and they stick their tongues too at the apporpriate moment.