Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Super stealth baby...

Today while I was inside working on phonics and reading with Christopher, Martha (Nana) was out in the backyard with the girls as they were splashing around in the wading pool. Martha told me that she had no sooner looked up when suddenly Hannah was standing on top of the sliding board! It doesn't surprise me at all that Hannah got herself in a precarious position while no one was looking because she's just sneaky like that. What does surprise me is that she was able to climb up the ladder to the slide all by herself. Not only is she a whole lot younger than Christopher or Sarah were before they started climbing ladders, but she's also a lot smaller than they were! She's only 17 months old...the same age that Christopher was when he started walking. While Christopher may excel in academics, he has never and continues not to excel in the athletic department; he is his father's son, for sure. Sarah was definitely my climber as a baby and toddler and continues to demonstrate balance, strength and agility. I've known for a while now that Hannah was going to follow Sarah's lead in motor skills because I'm constantly finding her in high and dangerous places. Right after lunch today, I found her standing in my kitchen chair at the table trying to cut something with an incredibly sharp paring knife! I mean, I had JUST gotten up from the table and turned around to find her there. That's when you have to resist freaking out and calmly say, "Oh Hannah, give the knife to Mommy...thank you." I was able to do that, but my heart was pounding in the process.

When Sarah was born, Christopher was only 19 1/2 months old. It was definitely challenging because he was still very needy, but he never put himself into such danger. When Sarah started to become more mobile, I remember thinking several times, 'I thought my house was already childproofed...Christopher just never did this!' I'll have to look up how old Sarah was before she started climbing, but it seems as if Hannah is much more of a dare-devil than she was. Hannah will be about 17 1/2 months old when baby #4 arrives and I already foresee myself grabbing her down from a high place with one arm while I nurse the baby with the other. Who says being a full-time, stay-at-home mom is not exciting?

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