Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sunday mornings...

John is usually up and out the door before any of us even wake up most Sundays, so I know that the Lord has designed Sunday mornings (from the time my oldest two climb into my bed declaring that they are hungry for breakfast to the time we are all loaded up into the car and pulling out of the garage) specifically for my sanctification! Whenever I think that we are doing 'great on time', it is yet more proof to John's observation that I am a bad estimator of time. This morning's events were no exception. Every week I am determined to be on time for Sunday School, and every week we are at least 10-20 minutes late. It's easy to get discouraged with myself when I see families with 5 small children arriving to SS on time or even before SS begins. But then I remember that they have both parents at home getting breakfast ready, buttoning up dresses, brushing hair, packing bags, finding shoes, and loading everyone up into the car (and in my case, all three of my children are still in 5-point harness car seats) - no small feat! This reminder helps me to be less stressed-out, more patient with the kids, and ultimately in a better frame of mind and heart to prepare myself and my kids for worship. Yes, I would love to have this joyful spirit AND be on time each week, but obviously it is more important that going to worship be a joyful anticipation and not a stressful drudgery.
Now my kids will be the first to tell you that I am still a work in progress in this department! But I am thankful that today as I was madly getting myself together in front of the mirror in my bathroom, I was able to pause and enjoy one of my kids as she was digging through my closet. Sarah came strutting out of the master closet with a fanny pack over her shoulder, telling me in a very serious tone, "My going to take Pooh to da doctor. " It tickled me so much that I just had to stop and take a picture (I know, I'm so Chinese...)

By the way, that's a clothes hamper behind Sarah...not a toilet.

I don't know what the appeal is with the closet...maybe because it's big, dark and messy (i.e. fun place to hide and fun 'treasures' to find). The kids inevitably end up in there at some point while I'm getting myself ready.

These are just some too-cute close-ups of Hannah (who will be 5 months old tomorrow) that I took after church today.

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The Holloway Clan said...

Hats off to you for doing it all by yourself! We were 20 minutes late to church today and only had 2 kids to get ready with both parents working towards that end. My lame excuse? We don't have a car, so we have to walk 2 miles to church. I think we all face the same sanctifying with little ones is hard, and you're right. If you don't stop to take pictures along the way, you'll get lost in the chaos and forget those priceless moments that make it all worthwhile.