Sunday, September 16, 2007

a blog of vital importance

I want to tell you about "the extraordinary wit and delectable prose" of Evanda Remington. Our good friend and former church member Evanda Remington has begun a self-described "blog of vital importance". Mindy and I love it.

We find the subtitle, "a blog of vital importance", very funny for two reasons. First, it is self-contradictory. Blogs are by nature not vitally important. They are passing thoughts. Disposable diapers of the virtual world. Second, Ev actually says what most of us who blog want people to think of our blog. Mindy and I have discovered that we have people in Germany and China who read our blog, and we have quite a steady following in England and Australia too. (Go figure.) But we would never be bold enough to say that we want people to think of our blog as "of vital importance". But Evanda just puts it out there for the world to see. So we think Evanda is very funny on many levels. We love his colorful vocabulary too!

I think of Evanda & Shelly (who now lives in Atlanta) every time I see our network server computer at the church. You see, several years ago a fire sprinkler line in the ceiling burst, drenching our network computer in water. Evanda got all our tech stuff fixed up and working again. And he left a little sticker on the network computer which still reads, "Do not immerse in water." Every week I see that little sticker and chuckle.

So visit Evanda's blog of vital importance here, but before you do, let me quote his "about us" section:

Often, someone with a C.S. degree, working in software, and frequently using the Internet would be more aggressive about something like blogging than I’ve been. I don’t care. Writing in blogs is a foolish waste of time, surpassed in its worthlessness only by the reading of blogs.

So you don’t have to read this. In fact, I’d encourage you not to. I’m not writing it for you, chances are pretty good that by the time someone reads this i won’t be writing at all. In the off chance i continue, and you desperately want to know who is behind the extraordinary wit and delectable prose, I shall introduce myself.

I am Evanda Remington: husband, father, christian, software consultant, mediocre carpenter, former mudder, biped, reader of arthur conan doyle and p.g. wodehouse, bearer of a big carabiner with keys, enjoyer of chocolate in small amounts, devourer of pasta, doter upon small beasts, poor shot with a rifle, dictator of evandistan, reliably punctual, wearer of jeans, watcher of modern marvels, fan of the steelers, reciter of tennyson and poe, neglecter of email, and, to my great shame, new blogger.

(HT:Evanda Remington)


The Holloway Clan said...

As a faithful reader of your blog, I just need to clarify that we are in Scotland, not England. There isn't a Scot alive who wouldn't take issue with the whole island being called England. Haha. They are awfully sensitive over here :) Come to think of it, they have a lot in common with Texans.

John & Mindy McCracken said...

You're right, Becky. John should have said "UK" instead of England. You're also right about Scots having a lot in common with Texans. One thing I learned very quickly when I moved to Texas was that Texas is NOT the South! And here John McCracken is a Scotch-Irish descendant, living in Texas.

John & Mindy McCracken said...

Becky, the only thing I would add to Mindy's note is that, as proud as I am of my Scottish heritage, I would take Texan food over Scottish food any day of the week! Tacos and BBQ beat Haggis and Blood Pudding every time, hand down. Other than that, Scotland is an amazing country and more people should understand its incredible history!!!