Monday, September 3, 2007

Labor Day Weekend

Mindy's mom arrived Friday night to spend Labor Day weekend with us. Here are some pictures from our time together...

Any resemblance? Hannah may be 1/4 Chinese, but there isn't an ounce of evidence in her appearance thus far!

Now that we have 3 kids, Paw Paw has been relocated to the sofa bed in our family room. Some may think that we should give up one of our bedrooms for her. What you don't know is that she sleeps on the couch more often than not in her own house! She even objected to having the sofa bed pulled out and made up, but we insisted. She woke to the whispers of Christopher and Sarah creeping down the hallway, "It's Paw Paw...Paw Paw's's Paw Paw!" As soon as she popped her head up, Christopher and Sarah climbed into bed with her.

Paw Paw wasted no time - she got right to work on Christopher's hair.

After the haircut - look how sharp he looks!

Now for Sarah - we like to keep her hair short because she doesn't like her hair pulled back with barrettes or bows... it just looks so cute in a bob.

Later on Saturday evening, we had a combined birthday celebration - Martha's Birthday on Sept. 4th and Philomena's birthday on October 2nd. Mindy cooked a huge meal and baked an Italian cream cake...mmmmmmmm! (yes, I know there are only 7 candles on the cake...but I'm not allowed to say how many candles we needed. Let's just say that if we added up Nana's and Paw Paw's ages, there wouldn't be enough room on the cake for all of them to fit :-).

Picture of Mommy and Hannah after church.

Paw Paw and the grandkids.

Whenever someone shows Sarah 'special' attention, she attaches herself to him/her while rejecting the usual help or assistance from mommy and daddy. All weekend long, Sarah wanted Paw Paw to feed her, help her go to the potty (two activities she normally does all by herself), read her books, and carry her. Despite mommy's objections, Paw Paw was happy to do all of the any grandparent would!

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