Thursday, April 3, 2008

Pictures from Christopher's 5th Birthday

As promised, here are some pictures documenting our family celebration of Christopher's "actual birthday." He'd been telling people all day, "Today is my actual birthday because it's April 2nd."

We began the celebration by having dinner at our favorite local Chinese restaurant (369 Chinese BBQ). You wouldn't believe how much food Christopher can put away when he eats there. He'll tell you that his favorite food is pizza, but that his other favorites include Chinese fish, Chinese noodles and Chinese beef.
By the way, if you click on the above picture you'll get an enlargement and possibly see the blow to the upper left side of John's head that he received in his car accident yesterday. Then just click on the back arrow to get back to the blog page.

Pop and the birthday boy, being his normal silly self.

Pop and Sarah.

Hannah's first try at Chinese noodles. She LOVED them, along with everything else I put in front of her. You name it - green beans, fish, tofu, chicken, Chinese broccoli, rice - she'll eat it...and with only 4 front teeth! I start my kids young in order to ensure that they'll eat anything Chinese! Hey, it's in their blood, even if they don't look a bit Chinese on the outside...

Nana and the birthday boy.

Christopher and Sarah at the Italian Gelato stand just down the sidewalk. Christopher got a cone with bubblegum flavored ice cream and Sarah wanted a cone "wiff nuffing in it."

She later decided she wanted a lick of mommy's ice cream.

Hannah's first taste of ice cream (raspberry), and she loved it!

Then we headed to Nana and Pop's house where presents were waiting. Sarah just had to join the fun of opening the presents. She would say things like, "Here Chria-fur, wip it wike 'dis."

Along with some new clothes and toy trucks, Christopher got a bunch of new books to read. This particular book (My Book about Me, by Dr. Seuss) is one that we found at the library which Christopher read over and over and over again. So he was excited to have his very own copy to keep.

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