Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The good news and the bad news...

The good news is that it's Christopher's 5th birthday today! He's very excited about turning 5, about eating out at his favorite Chinese restaurant (369 Chinese BBQ in Plano) and going out for ice cream at Sonic. He's also very excited about his "friends party" which will be held next Saturday, weather permitting. I'll post pictures of him and the festivities surrounding his birthday later on.

The bad news is that John was in a car accident this morning. He was driving through an intersection at HW121 and Preston Rd (one of the top 10 most dangerous intersections in the nation) and got side swiped by a woman running a red light. She hit the driver's side, but thankfully her car went into the back seat instead of the front. John says all he remembers is a big crash and then coming to on the other side of the road not knowing what just happened. Thankfully a witness to the whole ordeal stayed until the police came to file a report. That is an incredibly busy intersection, so it's a wonder that he didn't hit anyone else as he was knocked out of control. We are thankful to the Lord that apart from a scratch and some bruising to his head along with some serious whiplash, John is fine...although he will most likely be very sore tomorrow. The car is a different story... According to John, our little Buick, which was a gift from my mom, is totaled. Bleah. It's a hassle, but in the grand scheme of things I know that insurance will cover this and cars can certainly be replaced. In the meantime, we are thankful that the Lord was watching over John today.

When I told the kids that Daddy was in a car wreck but that he was ok, Christopher said that we should just take the Buick to someone who knows how to fix it. I told him that it was probably beyond repair and then he said, "Well, maybe Daddy could fit inside a VW Bug. That would be fun." I told him that would be fun(ny), but not entirely practical.


Anonymous said...

SO THANKFUL THAT HE IS OKAY! Those moments are really scary when you get the phone call or even when you think about it later - what could have been! Will be praying for him to "heal" quickly - take care! Denise Wichlan

Richey Goodrich said...

We are praising our merciful God that He preserved your life, John! We will pray for the Lord to heal you from the whiplash and soreness and to continue to encourage you with his daily mercies toward you in our risen Savior.

Yours in Christ,
Richey and Keli

Anonymous said...

Hey John,
We are very thankful that you are okay. We'll be praying for a quick recovery.

Love you!
Melanie, Tim, Luke & Elijah

P.S. Happy 5th Birthday to Christopher!