Thursday, March 27, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Hannah!

It is difficult for me to believe that my baby is already 1 year old! She just seems too tiny to be doing all of the new things that she's doing and to be entering toddlerhood. While my mom was visiting this past weekend, she couldn't get over how light and easy Hannah was to pick up and hold, especially compared to her siblings who both weighed 24 pounds by 1 year as well as her hefty same-age cousin, Elijah, in the northeast. And yet she will have nothing to do with babyfood, loves to feed herself, crawl at breakneck speed, stand up on her own, and even take a step or two before falling down.

She had her 1 year well check-up this morning and received 3 shots in her legs (ouch!). I know, great birthday present. But she measured 30 inches in length (75th percentile) and 18 lbs. 5.5 oz. in weight (10th percentile). Maybe now that she can drink whole milk she'll fatten up a bit. I'm skeptical because she's much more inclined to burn it all off given how active she is. I'm not worried because she is perfectly healthy and she eats very well. I don't think I could have an easier or more contented baby, and my other 2 were pretty easy! One thing that has marked her nature from birth to the present is her consistent sweetness. We all enjoy her so much.

The kids wanted to sit next to Hannah for her '1 year old celebration photo'.

Hannah LOVES to shake things, so maracas are the perfect toys for her.

She can even hold her balance while standing up and shaking maracas simultaneously.

Here Hannah is feeding herself pieces of spinach omelet that I made for lunch. She gobbled the whole thing up in no time.

What's funny is that she's very good at getting the food into her mouth with a fork, but she has not mastered the art of stabbing the food. So as soon as she takes a bite, she hands the fork to me and says, "Da" or "Doo", as if to say, "now get me another piece and I'll do the rest."

Hannah got a stuffed Horton the elephant, some cute new outfits, and two new Dr. Seuss books (that Christopher and Sarah will enjoy). Hannah's favorite part of the present was ripping the tissue paper apart.

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