Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Hannah is a very quick learner...

I guess having 2 very active older siblings gives you lots of incentive to become mobile. I can remember being SO eager for Christopher to roll over, crawl, pull up, walk and all of that...and he was in absolutely no hurry. With hardly any encouragement from me (since more mobility for Hannah equals more chaos for me), Hannah has quickly learned to sit up by herself, scoot, crawl, pull up to stand on her knees, stand, and now walk while holding onto an activity walker. Pretty soon, I suppose she'll be walking with no help at all and eventually be able to climb all over the place as Sarah has learned.

The first video shows Hannah the day she consistently started pulling herself up to stand (Feb. 23rd).

The second video shows Hannah walking the entire length of the hall (yesterday, March 3rd). It was funny how it started - John just thought, 'I wonder what she'll do if I stand her behind this thing...' and then she was off to the races. Now, she cannot steer very well yet, so she gets incredibly frustrated when she runs into a wall or gets stuck. It's pretty funny.

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