Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Just when we thought we were going to go through the whole winter without seeing a single flake, last night the temperatures dropped and so did the sleet and then the snow. Thankfully, the ground was still covered by early morning for the kids to see and enjoy.

Here are two pictures taken last night while the snow was falling.

Guess we should have taken that umbrella down...

The kids were in more of a hurry to go outside and try this white stuff out than they were in eating breakfast.

Ah, but the lack of snowsuits deterred them from staying out in the snow too long. As soon as the snow seeped through their mittens and pants, they were ready to come back inside. I remember as a child growing up in PA, playing out in the snow until my cheeks were on the verge of being frostbitten. Granted, I had a snow suit, boots and waterproof gloves. It's just not worth investing in those items down here in Texas.

This is why...by the time we got home from morning Bible study and lunch (about 1:30 p.m.), nearly all of the snow was melted. But there was just enough to build two miniature snowmen in our front flowerbed.

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Shelley said...

Yay that the kids got to play in some snow this year!! I love it how in the South snow is a "bloggable" event.