Sunday, March 16, 2008

Christopher the evangelist

I have an amusing story from this afternoon that involves our son, who in certain situations, can be remarkably bold. We were all sitting outside in our front yard after chit-chatting with our neighbors when Christopher noticed a lady pushing a baby in a stroller toward us from across the street. He yelled, "Hey! You can come over here and talk to us!" and repeated himself a couple times until she acknowledged him. She eventually stopped in front of us and we engaged in some small talk with her about her baby and whatnot, when Christopher loudly interrupted, "Well, do you know Jesus and do you believe in Him?" I was so shocked at his boldness that I couldn't say anything, but she answered, "yes" and told us that she was at her church today.

There was another time shortly before Christmas that the woman who delivers our mail (Miss Darla) pulled up to our mailbox and Christopher said, "Merry Christmas." When she responded in kind, he then asked her, "Do you believe in Jesus?" She said she did and then asked him if he believed in Santa Claus. He looked a little confused by that question.

Then there was the time last summer when in the middle of his swimming lessons, Christopher said to his swim teacher, "Well, everybody is a sinner you know." We found out about this from his teacher, who thankfully is a believer and was not offended by his bold statement about humanity!

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Shelley said...

What a guy! Sounds like he's really taken the idea of the missional church to heart!