Friday, February 23, 2007

Back from Orlando

Mindy and I have spent Monday night through Thursday afternoon in Orlando, Florida meeting with a group of pastors and their wives. We got home last night around 9 very mentally, emotionally and spiritually stimulated but physically exhausted. We met from about 8am till 10pm every day, with only a little 5 min potty break here and there. Our time was filled with VERY intense conversations over very weighty topics. It was a great, great time, but we are very glad to be home. Today I'm going to spend some time capturing on paper many of the high points of our discussions and thinking through how to incorporate the lessons learned into my own life, as well as devoting all of these thoughts to the Lord in prayer. We read "The Leader's Journey" and "The Peacemaking Pastor" before attending this summit. We're now going to read "The Emotionally Healthy Church" and "The Emotionally Healthy Spiritual Life" before our next gathering this July. But for now, we're glad to be back!

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Kyuboem said...

Completely jealous!