Thursday, February 1, 2007

Texas Snow!

Mindy wrote:

Ok, all of you northerners can laugh if you want, but snow is a big event down here! As soon as we looked outside and realized that snow was falling from the sky, we had to bundle up the kids, get our camera and go outside. Granted, this is not the first time either kid has seen snow b/c we have been in PA with both kids in the wintertime before, and I think it snowed here on Valentine's Day 2004 when Christopher was nearly 1 year old. After being outside for a few minutes taking pictures, I realized how much colder it was and put Sarah's heavier coat and mittens on. Christopher wanted mittens too, but I realized that we don't even have mittens for him!! And the mittens Sarah had on were from last year (kind of small), but I think this is the first time she's ever worn them. Needless to say, there's just not a need for heavy winter-wear down here. So after all of that work of getting the kids bundled up and layered up, the snow stopped falling within a few minutes of being outside. -but it was still fun!


Anonymous said...

Dear John,

I just want you to know that someone is in fact reading your blog. There, now you can feel special and important.

Those are great pictures, by the way. Must have had a really good photographer :-)

Love, your wife

John McCracken said...

My dear wife,

you're right: you ARE an outstanding photographer! And humble too! So many great qualities all wrapped up in one perfectly pregnant person. Amazing.

Richey Goodrich said...

John and Mindy,

Keli and I think it is kind of sad that you have to set up a blog to communicate with one another. Maybe you two ought to join our dating class :)

--- Richey

John McCracken said...

Richey & Keli,

It is kinda sad, isn't it? Actually Mindy and I were in the same room when she wrote her first post. In fact, while she was writing words with such dripping sarcasm, I was sitting nearby reading Nehemiah. Sometimes it's hard being so godly. ;-) "Holy, holy, holy..."