Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Hannah Elizabeth McCracken

was born at 10:43 pm. she is six pounds 11 ounces and
aboslutely beautiful! mindy is doing great and hannah
is eating away as I type on my phone. thanks be to God
for this precious gift!


Becky & Gary Brantz said...

Welcome to God's Kingdom, Miss Hannah. Praise the Lord for your safe arrival. Your church family anxiously awaits your first appearance at worship. We love you.

The Holloway Clan said...

I am so impressed by the blogging dedication, John...and your technological savvy that you can post from your phone! One interesting note, though, the time of birth is after the time stamp on the post. Was it a prognostication?

But most of all congratulations!!! We are so happy for you and Mindy.

Best wishes,
Becky Holloway

Becky H.