Wednesday, March 28, 2007

What a day!

Well, since Mindy is feeding and I can't sleep, let me give a quick summary of our day. Mindy had her 39th week appointment this morning at 10:00. We packed bags and took them with us just in case she were to be induced. Upon arriving, Dr. Fogwell began by listening to the fetal heartbeat. A concerned look came over his face as his watched the second hand on his watch. Cool as a cumcumber, he looked at Mindy and said, "Well, you're going to Labor and Delivery right now. I don't like the way this heart beat sounds, so let's go downstairs and check it out. Go straight there and do not stop at the admissions desk and I'll meet you in a L&D room." So we booked it downstairs and by the time Mindy was hooked up to the fetal HR monitor, the baby's HR had come back up to a normal level. Dr. Fogwell said that it was distressingly low when he first listened to it. So he monitored Mindy for several hours, but she was 4cm and 80% effaced by this point (10:15ish).

We had another fetal HR scare around 2:30. The nurse and the whole calvary came rushing in the room and got the HR back up within a few minutes. That of course was a little disconcerting. But things stablizied for the rest of the day/evening after that. Around 3pm Mindy got an epidural and at 6:15, Dr. Fogwell broke her water.

By 10pm she was ready to have a baby. She pushed for 13 minutes and at 10:43, Hannah Elizabeth was born. 6 pounds 11 ounces and 18 3/4 inches long. We were sooo thankful for a short labor, since Mindy was in L&D for almost 30 hours and pushed for 2.5 hours with Sarah. This was a huge blessing for us. The Lord brought us not only safely through the day, but gave us extra mercy tonight to be done by a reasonable hour.

Hannah has been eating tonight like a horse. This child has a McCracken appetite, no doubt!
Alright, I'm going to try to get some sleep now. Mindy is dozing hard on her bed and I'm about to dive into my cot. More tomorrow...


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! She is so beautiful. I loved the detailed account of the day! That kind of info is right up my alley and takes care of all my guestions. Thanks! More pictures please.
Alison Post

IBM5081 said...

Congratulations on a beautiful daughter. Great pictures.
Tom Kendrick

Renny Gehman said...

Yeah John and Mindy! We prayed for you twice during class this morning--and I prayed for short like I promised! So glad everything went well and the HR scares were just that, scares.

BTW: John, babis that nurse like gangbusters are "barracudas" in LaLeche lexicon and they're great if you're into speed and efficiency, not so good if you want to put your feet up and relax!

Welcome to Hannah Elizabeth and blessings to all of you! More pictures please!

Renny Gehman

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! She really is beautiful. We're so glad the labor didn't last too long and that everything turned out so well. And you know you had a bunch of us praying for Tuesday! :) We can't wait to meet little Hannah.
~Aaron and Rebecca Steelman~

Hien said...

I tried calling you last night and had a hunch y'all might be in labor! Wow!!! Congratulations on another beautiful daughter. She looks like Sarah! So glad everything turned out alright after those scares! Hope Hannah and Mindy are recovering well. Love to you all!
Hien, Dave, Dan and Mai An

Anonymous said...

She is beautiful!!!! Thanks for the pictures, John. I also like the one of Mindy getting in her "last meal" ha-ha.

Well, congratulations you guys. I can't wait to meet Hannah.
Gina Kern

Anonymous said...

We will get to see Hannah during the summer here in STL! Welcome to the world our newest covenant child! Much love to the family - Michael and Denise Wichlan

Anonymous said...

Hey There,

We are so thrilled that you all had a good and safe delivery. Hannah is just beautiful. I can't wait to hold her in St. Louis.

Love, April and Bob Willetts

The Holloway Clan said...

Praise God! She is absolutely beautiful. Our best to all of you.
The Holloways

Anonymous said...

How great and how awesome is HE!! The Lord smiled on you with that delivery time! :)
So excited for you and the addition of Miss Hannah! What a beautiful little girl!
We love you and miss you,
The Guy Gage Family