Monday, March 26, 2007

Using the "Jesus Storybook Bible" in family worship

For quite awhile now Mindy and I have been happily using David Helm's The Big Picture Story Bible. We've read it cover to cover with Christopher and Sarah so many times we can't count and we have loved it. (When Christopher was younger, we read the same story every night for a week, which really helped him stay engaged. As he grew older, we began to pick up the pace.) It is sensitive to the heart of biblical theology, avoids moralisms, contains beautiful artwork, and is simple enough for a 2 year old. But we've exhausted it.

We recently received in the mail a new one and have been using it for about a week now and we can highly recommend it now to you. It is Sally Lloyd-Jones' The Jesus Storybook Bible. The reading grade level of the text is a nice middle ground between Helm's book and Catherine Vos' fine Child's Story Bible. Like Helm, the theology is rich. For example, in describing Jesus' temptation in the wilderness, Lloyd-Jones does a masterful job connecting Jesus as the Second Adam to the first Adam, contrasting Adam's disobedience to Jesus's obedience and the desert to the garden. The emphasis throughout is on God's sovereign plan of salvation through Christ and she does a terrific job tying every story to that central theme. And like Helm's Big Picture Story Bible, the artwork is superb, perhaps even a little better. If you have kids, Mindy and I highly recommend it for your evening times of family worship! (It is also a great, easy introduction to Christianity for any new believer or curious unbeliever.)

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