Thursday, March 29, 2007

Pics of the Journey Home

Christopher is now a proud big brother to 2 sisters:

Our sweet baby girl

One happy mommy and one tired baby

With eyes wide open...

Look at my new big sister!

Here we go out the door!

Okay, off we go to your new home, Hannah!

"This new home is nice and everything, but I'm very tired."


The Holloway Clan said...

These pictures put a huge smile on my face. Children are such a blessing and gift from God! And you have quite a good-looking crew!

Becky Holloway

Anonymous said...

I hope you have your shotgun ready for when the boys come a' calling. Precious, precious! Thanks for sharing the pics - Denise

Anonymous said...

That car looks tight, might be time to think about joining the rest of the club...Minivan!

Mr. Post

John McCracken said...

Thank you for your post Mr. Post. You live up to your name well. If you come across a good, used, cheap minivan ($5-9K), let us know though we think we can make it a few more months without one.

Anonymous said...

God has certainly blessed all of you. Hannah is certainly more McCracken than Vaughn at the moment.
Love Jeni