Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Vacation 2009 - part III - reunited with friends

One of the greatest things about facebook is that it reconnects you with people with whom you've completely lost touch and otherwise would probably have never found again.
Tricia and I became great friends in junior high and continued our friendship through high school. This is the first time we'd seen each other in about 12 years.

Tricia's 3 kids plus my 4.

Maria, also a junior high and high school friend, always sat behind me in homeroom by virtue of our last names (Vaughn and Viscuso). This is the first time I'd seen Maria in about 14 years!

Kim used to be our neighbor when we lived in Phoenixville. We were in each other's weddings, but the last time I saw her, I was pregnant with Christopher!

Kim's girls, Kaitlyn and Kristyn, were babies and toddlers when I knew them! They are holding their newest little sister, Abbie.

Here is Dave, a good friend from college days, holding his daughter (Mai An) and my daughter, Mary Grace.

All of the kids in this picture are Asian...the two on the outside just happen to look it!

Hien and I were also in each other's weddings and have thankfully kept in touch over the years without the help of facebook.

We met up with the Yohannans at a Chuck E Cheese's in Princeton, NJ. Of all the places to meet up in Princeton!!! - but it was pouring down rain and this place was a good half-way meeting point as well as fun for the kids (albeit too loud and distracting for any meaningful conversation)! Here is Jake with his 3 oldest kids, EJ, Josephine and Jesse.

Here is Jaya with their youngest, Noah.

The mommies with the babies...

The daddies with the babies. John and Jake were good friends throughout seminary, went to Israel together, and then served together at Trinity. Jake and Jaya are now serving in northern NJ, planting an ethnically Indian PCA church.

More high school friends - from left to right, Tricia's mom, Tricia, Janetta and Denise.

This was my first girls' night out in a LONG time!!! I went so crazy that I ordered a coffee at the bar. What's funny is that we graduated from high school 16 years ago and we all got carded that night!

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