Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Vacation 2009 - part VI - Philipsburg

For Memorial Day weekend, we drove to central PA to visit more family...

My mom, Mary Grace, Me and Mam Mam

My mom, Mary Grace, Christopher and Mam Mam.

Mam Mam - my only living grandparent and my kids' only great grandparent.

My mom holding Mary Grace, Aunt Linda holding Hannah and Mam Mam.

2nd cousins - Sarah Ruth and Sarah Jane.

It is SO rare that we get a picture of Christopher where he's smiling and looking normal, so I thought I'd post it.

Cousins - Me, Missy and Shelly.

Missy and Bill took my mom out to Black Moshannon to kayak. Isn't it beautiful out there?

Off she goes...

Looks like fun! John and the kids watched from the pier while I stayed back at Mam's house to visit since Mary Grace was napping.

A view from Bill and Missy's back deck.

Bill and Missy's back yard is quite a bit more expansive than our postage stamp sized yard, so the kids had a great time exploring.

Me, Mary Grace and Mam Mam.

Hannah and Mam Mam.

My mom holding Mary Grace, Aunt Bub and Missy.

Sarah and Mam Mam.

Uncle Bill and Sarah.

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