Friday, February 15, 2008

Christopher stories

Let me report on a conversation between Christopher and Mindy this morning:
"Mommy, Adam and Eve tried to hide from God...and we try to hide from God when we have black hearts."
"But we can't hide from God because God is everywhere, right mommy?"
"Yes, that's right Christopher."

I'll let Mindy share the story of what Christopher said tonight about Saul/Paul.

"Mommy, why did Saul change his name to Paul?"
"Well, he changed his name after God changed his heart. God gave him a new heart and new eyes, so he gave himself a new name."
"Did he still have the same face?"
"Yes, he was the same person. It's just that God changed his heart when Jesus met him on the road to Damascus."
"Where is Damascus?"
"Well... it's near Israel."
"Well Mommy, it's the capital of Syria."
"Ye-es...How do you know that???"

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