Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The moment that made my day today

John here. I have to share with you the moment that made my day today. I'm at the Wadley Tower at Baylor Hospital Dallas this afternoon going to meet with the chief of gastroenterology (long story). I'm standing there on the ground floor trying to figure out where I'm supposed to go and whether or not to ask someone at the information desk. They have these nice retirees that man the information desks there. As I was standing there, this big ole guy walks up to the desk and asks, "Is this the information desk?" Yes, sir, it is. Then he asked the following question in all seriousness: "What was the name of that movie with Gene Hackman where they were all on the submarine?" I cracked up! As I left to go to the 5th floor, they were both standing there trying to remember the name of the movie. One of them remembered that it had Denzel Washington in it too. I just got home and told Mindy the story. She remembers - Crimson Tide! I've been laughing to myself all day long about that. That's the moment that made my day today!

p.s. - Ok, Huckabee did much better than I thought he would. Good for him! I'll put up my post-election thoughts soon - and answer some of those comments I got! :)

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