Sunday, February 10, 2008

The family bug

John here. Well, Christopher vomited again today at 4:30. Mindy had taken Sarah over to my parents house to visit with the Yohannan's and I was home with Christopher and Hannah when it happened. Now Mindy says that she is starting to come down with the bug. I'm a little worried about Mindy and me going to the pastor's summit in Orlando tomorrow. We'll see what happens. Pray that no one else gets sick!


Christopher said...

Since we are sharing fun stories. Elizabeth was sick in service - vomitted many times after we came home. Gina is now pretty sure she is down for the count. Sounds like a Plano bug!

Mindy said...

Yuk. Something is definitely going around. Mindy feels worse this morning and Christopher thew up twice during the night. We're still planning on leaving today at 5:30 and my parents are still up for having the kids despite. Mindy will be taking him to the doc in just a few minutes. I'm hoping that Mindy and I aren't sick in Orlando and the kids are all sick here!