Sunday, February 10, 2008

While John is at the missions conference...

...I'm at home while Christopher lay sick in bed, Sarah colors the back patio with chalk and Hannah peers at Sarah through the back door. As you may have read in the new trinitythisweek blog that John set up, our church's missions conference has been going on in full force this weekend and has been awesome. After hearing Dr. Pratt speak Friday night, I was convicted, challenged, encouraged, and inspired. Therefore I am now thoroughly disappointed that I have to miss his last two talks today (Sunday School and sermon), but I know I'll get to hear them once they're posted on the church website.'s just not the same though! Ah well, I shouldn't complain because my kids are rarely sick and so we hardly have to miss anything. And as much as I am disappointed about missing today, I am more concerned about poor Christopher who has had a fever since Friday night, a bad cough since yesterday, and then threw up twice last night. He was so sad last night. I think I'm going to take him to the acute care clinic when it opens today, but they're probably just tell me it's viral and I need to let it run its course. I am praying that the girls don't catch this (and that John and I don't catch it!) since we are headed to Orlando this week and leaving all 3 kids with the grandparents. Oh, and Christopher was SO excited about going to Nana and Pop's house for the week! He has been counting down the days ("Mommy, only 5 more days...only 4 more days...only 3 more days...etc. until we go to stay at Nana's house!"). So I do hope he feels better by tomorrow.
I am also really bummed because we were supposed to get together with our good friends, Jake & Jaya + their 3 kids this afternoon. They are here from upstate NJ as one of our missionaries (yes, NJ is a mission field!). The last time we were in PA, our planned reunion with them was thwarted by a nasty stomach bug that made the rounds through our family. At least we did get to see them on Friday night and Saturday a bit.
Well, Christopher has not moved from my bed and it looks like he has fallen back asleep. Poor guy. I guess I better check and see what kind of mischief Sarah and Hannah have gotten into.

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