Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Update from Orlando

Mindy and I made it our room in Orlando a little after midnight on Monday night. Christopher has a fever that still comes and goes, but Mindy is feeling quite a bit better. So we're thankful for that. The 10 pastors met in a circle for 6 hours on Tuesday, updating one another on the states of our ministries and lives. It was sweet time. Then Steve Garber led us in a book discussion until 10pm. We just finished breakfast and our next meeting has started even as I type. Today's reflections will be on calling and vocation. We'll go till 10 again tonight, with some times for journaling along the way. We're staying at the San Pedro Catholic Retreat Center. It's very pretty. I'm using the dial-up computer in the conference room, so we won't be checking in as often, but so far it's been a great time.

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