Thursday, May 22, 2008

Hannah walking, talking and reading...

Hannah has made a lot of developmental progress over the last month and is also doing some new fun, cute things that I'd like to document somewhere so I won't forget. So this blog post is filled with videos.

Here's an earlier video of Hannah walking faster over longer distances (she was nearly 13 months old when this video was taken at our house in TX).

This video was taken of Hannah walking up and down the neighbor's driveway yesterday (now nearly 14 months old). For some reason she got a kick out of going up and down the little incline.

Another thing that Hannah has gotten into this month is picking up anything that resembles a phone, be it a real phone, cell phone, toy phone, remote control, or calculator, and then "talking" on it. In the video below, she picks up what I think is the remote to John's iPod (are we a lazy culture or what??) and then walks and talks on it while holding it up to her ear.

I started taking the video below today because Hannah and Sarah looked so cute sitting together at the little coffee table 'reading' books. Hannah can climb into those little toy chairs, but I think Sarah probably helped her turn around, get situated and then scooted her chair up to the table. I'm so glad I continued the video footage because Sarah went on to read Brown Bear, Brown Bear by Bill Martin, and then handed the book to Hannah who imitated Sarah by doing her own version of the same. It's about 2-3 minutes long, but it's worth the watch if you get a kick out of seeing a 1 year old copying a 3 year old.

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