Friday, May 30, 2008

Jake and Jaya

While we miss our old friends Jake and Jaya Yohannan ever since they moved to the Northeast from Texas, we are thankful that they live close enough to my mom so that we can visit them on our annual vacation trips to PA. These photos were taken on the day (May 20th) we drove to northern NJ to spend the day at their new house.

Here is John sandwiched between Jaya and Jake. When Patrick, our associate pastor, saw this picture he said, "Look, an Oreo!"

Here is EJ (that stands for Elijah Jedidiah, in case you were wondering) with his mommy.

Here are Sarah, EJ, Christopher and Jesse. I'm so bummed that by the time I thought to bring out the camera, both Josephine and Hannah were taking naps. We realized while we were there that we had kids ages 1 (Hannah), 2(Josephine), 3(Sarah), 4(Jesse), 5(Christopher), and 6(EJ)! To top it off, Jaya and I are both due within a month of each other.

Here is Uncle John with EJ.

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