Friday, May 30, 2008

Longwood Gardens

Ok, I've been slacking in the blogging department and thought I'd do a few quick posts of the things that have been keeping us so busy!

This post is from the day we went to Longwood Gardens with my mom and my Uncle Paul from Toronto on Monday, May 19th.

Here we all are in the sculpted gardens. Christopher and Sarah remembered this from last year and were so excited when they saw it from a distance that Christopher exclaimed, "Look! There it is!" and then took off running towards it and all throughout it. Thankfully it was not crowded the day we went, so it was relatively easy to find them even though they were running all over the place.

Me, Christopher, Hannah, Sarah, my mom and my Uncle Paul inside the vast conservatory which is a botanical feast for the senses!

Here is Christopher in the orchid room. Oh, it smelled SO wonderful in there!

Here's mommy and happy Hannah in the orchid room.

Hannah was SO happy to get out of the stroller that we just let her walk around the conservatory. She had a BALL. As she was walking down this hallway, she would stop before each of these grates, lean over and yell, "Da!" as if she knew there would be an echo!

Mommy and her girls (ha - all 3 of them!).

What a fantastic display of colors.

This picture cracks me up because it is so typical of my Chinese-tourist family. Never miss an opportunity for a photo shoot!

Here is Sarah on the side of the path back to the visitor center.
Even though we spent the entire morning and afternoon here and were pretty exhausted after arriving home, we felt renewed and refreshed rather than strung-out. Everything there is so gorgeous and walking around the place is so stress-free and relaxing. I can't believe I never went to Longwood when I lived here (only about 30 minutes away from my mom's house). Now that we're out-of-town tourists on vacation, we've seen so much more of my former surroundings than I ever did as a resident.

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