Saturday, May 31, 2008

Hien and Dave

Yesterday we drove to see our good friends, Hien and Dave in New Jersey. Hien is my best friend from college and since Hien and Dave were college sweethearts, I've known Dave for as long as I've known her. I met them during my freshman orientation (they were juniors at the time) and we've made a concerted effort to keep in touch over the years and miles. We were in each other's weddings, they've flown down to Texas a couple times to visit us (she even drove with me when I first moved to Texas back in 2000!), and we always make a point to visit them on our PA visits.

Here is Mai An, their youngest baby girl (~10 months old) showing off her tongue.

Happy Mai An in the exersaucer.

Aunty Hien holding our happy Hannah.

Quarter Asian baby meets 100% Asian baby! (yes, that blue-eyed, strawberry-blond-haired, fair-skinned girl on the left has a 1/4 cup of Asian blood in her veins, believe it or not)...

Christopher, Dan (3 years old) and Sarah hanging out in the basement with all of the toys.

So Goldilocks sat down in Papa bear's chair, but it was toooooo big.

Dan takes his chalk drawings very seriously.

Christopher was so excited to color with the giant chalk. Sidewalk chalk is such a cheap and effective form of childhood entertainment.

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