Friday, May 30, 2008


After spending the day in Martindale, we headed back to Philipsburg, PA, which is about an hour and 15 minute drive north of Martindale. My sister was born there and we both spent most of our early childhood there until 4th and 6th grade, respectively. Most of my dad's side of the family still lives in and around Philipsburg, so we always make a weekend trip there during our vacation in PA.

Here is Sarah sitting in my Pap's Maple tree. I told her that mommy used to climb that tree when she was a little girl...and always got in big trouble for it!

Here is a picture of the Philipsburg cousins - Sarah Ruth, Sarah Jane, Christopher, Rebecca, and Hannah.

Here's another good shot of all of them together. Sarah Jane and Rebecca are my cousin Shelly's kids...which makes them my 2nd cousins...which makes them my kids' 3rd cousins. They remembered each other and played so well together.

Here is a great photo of Mam Mam and her girls - my Aunt Linda and my Aunt Bubby.

This is a great 4-generation shot, minus Sarah Jane. Mam Mam in the center, her daughter (my Aunt Bub) on the left, my Aunt Bub's girls, Missy and Shelly, and Shelly's oldest daughter, Rebecca.

Here are the preachers: John on the left and my Uncle Paul, a retired CM&A preacher.

Here is Hannah enjoying all of the applause she is getting from simply picking up these whiffle balls and clapping them together.

My Aunt Bubby with Sarah.

The day we headed back to my mom's house, we stopped off at Black Moshannon state park and walked around. The weather couldn't have been more perfect all weekend long, and it's always so refreshing to walk and drive around "Blacky."

Here is a view of the lake from the Bog trail.

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