Thursday, May 1, 2008

It's a Girl!!!

Well, congratulations to all of you who correctly guessed a girl!

The original plan was that I would find out the sex of the baby at my appointment and I would reveal it to the family today at lunch, treated by my in-laws. I went to the appointment by myself today and decided that I wouldn't find out until lunchtime either, so I had the sonographer write down the sex of the baby on an index card and seal the answer up in an envelope that we would together open at lunch. I thought that it would just kill me to know the answer was sitting in my purse that whole time, but it didn't. I honestly could have waited until the birth to find out.

So I came home, picked up Martha (Nana) and the kids, picked up John at the church, then met Randy (Pop) at Blue Mesa Grill. I was going to let Nana or Pop open the envelope, but they all insisted that I open it. After the verdict was read, everybody cheered except for Christopher and Sarah. Christopher was downright disappointed because he thought 3 girls was too many. Sarah told me, "But Mommy, my don't want to be a baby in your belly." I assured her that the girl wasn't her, but that the baby already in mommy's belly was a girl. Christopher got over his disappointment as soon as we started discussing names. We've had the name (Samuel David) picked out for a boy for the last 2 pregnancies. Now we have to go back to the drawing board for girl names. Christopher's 1st suggestion was 'Rachel' and then he started getting silly with name selections that made no sense (i.e. 'process', 'concrete mixer truck', 'mud', and so on).

So Christopher remains our prince as we add a 3rd little princess to the McCracken clan. We can't wait to meet her...whatever her name is!


Anonymous said...

Chuck, Terri, Tom and I all read your answer together at Garden Gate! Congratualtions on another baby girl!~
Alison Post

Morry said...

I'm not giving up, I am still guessing boy.

Richey Goodrich said...

That is great! Three girls for the McCracken clan! Congratulations!
-- Richey and Keli (and Hadi)